De Baschmakoff


A house of design is like a workshop nurturing different crafts and a factory where concepts come to life. Our philosophy focuses on marketing material and innovation with an original and unique approach.

After 30 years of artistic direction at Aesthete, throughout our design development we have worked on all aspects to reach every facet of a brand.

This characteristics comes from our expertise in taking detail to global branding and gives DE BASCHMAKOFF a real signature brand now since 2017.

The principle is the same as for making a film or any other creative operation that requires highly specific experts for each facet of the project.

After having received the briefing, I select the creators who are most in tune with all the dimensions of the project. It is the prerogative of an artistic director to start by selecting the talents which must then be coordinated so as to create a unique osmosis.

The BESPOKE DREAM TEAM is a optimized agency, but it’s more than ; it is an intensified ans multifaceted agency providing greater receptiveness and an infinite stylistic capacity. It is a premium service for the VIP customer who is seeking a unique purchasing experience, but within a B to B environment.

A few dates…
1985 – Creation of the Aesthete agency. 1992 – First collaboration with BVLGARI and the launch of Eau Parfumée, followed by 15 years of creation for the brand from Rome. 1997 – Birth of Dior Addict, a new approach to lipstick. 2000 – Creation of The Different Company, starting from a blank page and laying the foundations for contemporary niche brands. 2005 – Artistic direction of Asprey in London.
2006 – Creation of Orchidée Impériale for Guerlain. 2008 – Artistic direction of Lalique. 2009 – Creation of the first Amore Pacific premium skincare product line. 2015 – Creation of 2 Chinese brands: Fei Tswei, a premium vineyard, and Inkstone Hotel, a 5-star establishment.

In all, I have produced nearly 6,000 objects and concepts in 30 years of creation with my agency.

Thanks to you one and all for your desire to share new adventures of uncompromising creations, and always with eyes that shine. “