Information & Inspiration

Florence BERNARDIN founded in 2003 , Information et Inspiration , a Franco-Asian team of 10 experts entirely dedicated to monitor and follow Asian cosmetics markets .
Fluent in Japanese language, graduated from French business school, 13 years of working experience within a major Japanese company Kao Corporation, and since General Manager of Information & Inspiration for 15 years, Florence Bernardin is recognized by the profession as “the” Asian beauty industry expert .

The work and analyses provided by Florence BERNARDIN and her team, focus on a unique discovery and decoding of all aspects regarding cosmetics products, trends, innovation , evolution and influential approaches from Asia which is now considered as the real new beauty world . Information et Inspiration has become the leading expert agency on Asian cosmetics and delivers from market reports to specific supports for product/range developments for Asian markets or inspired by Asian trends. Their customers are among most famous companies and suppliers from all over the world including Asian ones .